Istanbul – photo by Jon Walton

Every Day Fiction just published my near future SF tale “Basilone” set in Istanbul. Working with their word limit made me refine the story to its essentials and I’m happy with the result. Please do see if you agree with me! Here’s the link:

Well of Souls in Visitant

Well of Souls – I said as little as possible and hoped for the best. Quail Bell Magazine published it five years ago. The editors at Visitant have just put it up for everyone to view again and I thank them for it! Please do give me your thoughts on this one!

Abe in Yosemite


President Lincoln signed an historic bill on June30th, 1864. The new law protected Yosemite Valley and the Mariposa Grove, designating them as wilderness areas. This was the first public land was so protected in the United States and is regarded as the beginning of our National Park system.

Though his wisdom and foresight benefits us still, Abraham Lincoln did not live to see Yosemite. I imagined an alternate future in which he did visit the lands he saved and wrote a story about it. “Abe in Yosemite” was just published in The Third Flatiron’s new anthology: “Infinite Lives: Short Tales of Longevity”. I thank editor Juliana Rew for including it in a strong collection of stories!


Assassination – a scripted reading in two parts


No event in our history was more important or more traumatic than the assassination of President Lincoln. By adding several fictional characters and some dialog to the events historians have detailed, I’ve created what I hope is a dynamic narrative for students. It’s in two parts on TPT.  I’ve also created lessons to accompany the story. The links are below.
P.S. I’ve slipped in the Gettysburg Address, too!