Hell’s Angel

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Though I’ve mentioned it before, I have a story in this volume of political satire and it got a good review I’d like to share:

“Hell’s Angel” – by Robert Walton. A darkly comic look at what might transpire as Trump makes his entrance into the afterlife. Of all the stories collected here, I felt this one captured the tone of Trump’s real world demeanor the best, even if it was in a purely supernatural setting.

Duane Ullery


The Golem of Prague in Monsters vs Nazis

Golem 2

My story The Golem of Prague was recently included in an anthology entitled Monsters vs Nazis. How can you resist?

P.S. Sherlock Holmes has a peripheral role in this story. Again – Kindle or paperback – grab it while you can!



Fantasma Malvado


The Arcanist literary magazine recently sponsored a “magical” short story contest. My Fantasma Malvado was a finalist and has just been published in the contest anthology. I’m especially pleased by this publication. “Malvado” is one of my Joaquin Murrieta stories, based on Central Californian history and legend. I had great fun writing it and using it with Chalone Peaks students. I hope it will find new friends through this fine anthology!

You Are There!


Booth Shot President Lincoln!

Some of you might recall “You Are There”, Walter Cronkite’s great, long-running TV series. Cronkite served as host and interviewer in historical reenactments of critical events from our shared past. The show brought history to life with unprecedented immediacy. I’ve tried to capture that immediacy in a readers’ theater script about the Lincoln Assassination

No event in our history was more important or more traumatic than the killing of President Lincoln. My story’s goal is to make these crucial events clear and accessible to young people.  I’ve based my narrative on Jim Bishop’s excellent book The Day Lincoln was Shot.  By adding several fictional characters and some dialog to the events Bishop detailed, I’ve created a readers’ theater script for both teachers and students.

I’ve found scripted readings to be powerful teaching tools. Teachers may use this one as it’s written, or subdivide it further. I’ve found it quite dramatic to use alternating narrators. Changing voices at an important line can be very effective. Also, some of the parts might be assigned to a chorus of several students or the whole class. Doing this allows challenged readers to participate without pressure. Also – if a group is dramatically inclined – a teacher might take them on the road. Having them read for other classes, or taking them into the office to read for the principal is an exciting change of pace for all. The Flesch-Kincaid reading level of this script is 3.3. Its Flesch Reading ease score is 84%.

I’ve also created vocabulary and reading comprehension activities to enhance and accompany Booth Shot President Lincoln. Teachers will recognize both the cooperative learning and reciprocal teaching techniques incorporated in the activities.

Please take a look at the unit’s preview excerpt when you have a chance!


Dawn Drums is in the Ekphrastic Review!


This frieze was created by 19th Century sculptor Caspar Buberl and is located at the Corinth Civil War Interpretive Center in Corinth, Mississippi.

Ekphrastic Review editor Lorette Luzajic just published a poem of mine paired with a photo of sculptor Caspar Buberl’s 19th Century Civil War frieze. I appreciate her work in finding an image of Caspar’s work that she could share! The poem was originally published as a front-piece to Dawn Drums, my Civil War novel.   Here’s the link:  http://www.ekphrastic.net/the-ekphrastic-review/dawn-drums-by-robert-walton